We all know that WordPress is top of its game when it comes to CMS and blogging websites, and we also know that Magento is top of its game for e-commerce; but what if we want to use both together, and share components like cart data, navigation menus, and static blocks. That’s where MWI comes in! Simply install and configure MWI and you will be able to get any block from your Magento store, into your WordPress theme.


It’s very easy to get started with the Magento WordPress Integration plugin. Find out everything you need to know about integrating Magento blocks & sessions into your WordPress theme.

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Shortcodes & Widgets

Shortcodes & widgets are a great addition to the Magento WordPress Integration plugin. Activate today to unlock products in WordPress posts/pages, and a products from any category widget.

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Everyone needs a little help sometimes – get in touch or have a quick browse through the FAQ archive, I’m confident your issue will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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