Shortcodes & Widgets

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The shortcodes & widgets add-on allows you to do 2 core things; display products from your Magento store within any WordPress post or page, and add a sidebar widget to your WordPress site that displays products from a category of your choosing.

The Shortcode

The shortcode allows you to display any number of products in a WordPress post or page.

[mwi_product sku="" title="true" title_tag="h2" desc="true" img="true" img_width="200" price="true" type="add" btn_color="blue" btn_link="button" cols="3"/]

Shortcode Usage

To display a single product with all the default settings, use:

[mwi_product sku="product1"/]

To display multiple products with all the default settings, simple use the following shortcode:

[mwi_product sku="product1,product2,product3"/]

To display multiple products, but change the width of the thumbnail, use:

[mwi_product sku="product1,product2,product3" img_width="100"/]

The Widget

The widget allows you to display products from any category in a dynamic WordPress sidebar. There are a bunch of options, including:

This widget only allows you to display products from one Magento category. If you’d like to display products from different Magento categories, based on the WordPress category you’re in, try the Category Specific Widget add-on.

Widget Usage

After activating the add-on, navigate to Appearance → Widgets. You will see a new widget called Mage/WP: Products from category; simply drag this into a sidebar position and enter your parameters.

Activate the Add-on

Once purchased, you will be given a link to download the plugin. Simply navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload, and upload the downloaded zip file. Once uploaded and installed, click activate.


Once activated, you will have a new option in Settings → Mage/WP that allows you to enable/disable the default styles for products display via a widget or shortcode.


After purchasing, you are permitted to use your add-on multiple websites.


The shortcodes and widgets add-on requires that the core MWI plugin is installed and setup.

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