Skipped the installation instructions? Don’t! Click here to view them now, it will prevent the “Cannot redeclare __()” error, which will 100% occur.

There isn’t too much to configure with MWI, but the stuff that you do configure is very important! Firstly, navigate to Settings > Mage/WP. You will see a variety of settings to configure.

Main Settings

First of all, we have the main settings module. There are three fields to fill here, these can be seen in the image below.

  • Mage.php Path
    Mage.php is located within the app folder of your Magento installation. In order for the plugin to work, Magento and WordPress must reside on the same server. Simply enter the path, from your server root, to the Mage.php file. The path to your document root should have been pre-filled, so you’re halfway there already!
  • Package Name
    Here you will need to enter your package name. By default this will either be Default or Base, but you may have installed a custom theme in a different package folder.
  • Theme Name
    Enter the name of your Magento theme. This will probably reside in the Default folder under app/design/frontend, assuming you don’t have a theme with a custom package name.

Multiple Store Views

Your current store view is detected automatically. As such the options for this have been removed since v2.1.4.


You can purchase add-ons from the MWI store. These add-ons can then be activated by uploading them via Plugins → Add New → Upload. Once uploaded, click activate. Add-ons only need to be purchased once, you can use the same code on any integration you do in future.